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Private Pool

The pool is the property of the Spring Creek Property Owners' Association and is meant for their use and enjoyment.  ONLY Spring Creek residents and their guests are allowed to use the pool. We do not accept memberships from anyone that does not live in Spring Creek Neighborhood.

  Guests must be accompanied by a Spring Creek resident.

Hours:  11am - 9 pm. Red Cross Certified Life guard on duty.

Adult Lap Swim:  6 am - 11 am ( 6 am - 7:45 am during swim team season)

Access:  Requires Key Card Access. Key card may be transferred to new

buyers, however buyers need to ask Seller for their card. Only one key card will be issued per household. If your key card is lost or stolen or you need a new card please contact the HOA Manager at There will be an additional fee for new or replacement cards. 

Pool Parties: Residents of Spring Creek can host pool parties. If the number of swimmers is over 10 people, the resident will need to contact the pool manager to hire an extra guard. The maximum number of party goers is 25. The resident will be responsible for paying the extra guard. *See Pool Party Rules below

Have a question or need help? Contact our Pool Manager, Regina Willams at

Pool Rules & Regulations

  • Only Spring Creek residents can host a pool party.

  •  The pool will not be closed for any pool parties.  If possible, please plan your party during off peak hours.

  •  Please notify the pool manager at least 2 WEEKS prior to the party of the date, time  and how many swimmers will be attending (No more than 25 swimmers per party). For the safety of the swimmers, no more than 2 parties will be scheduled on the same day.

  •  If 10 or more children will be attending the party, the host is responsible for the cost of an additional lifeguard (even if all the guests are Spring Creek residents)

  •  It is the responsibility of the Spring Creek resident hosting the party to make sure the pool area is clean, trash is picked up and all the furniture is put back.

  •  Please contact a lifeguard or pool manager if you have any questions.

  • Although lifeguard service is provided at various times, all use of the pool area is done at member's or guest's own risk


  • Lifeguards are not baby-sitters, and are instructed not to assume such duties. As well as they have the authority to suspend pool privileges and guests

  • Lifeguards can clear the pool for any reason.  There will be a lifeguard break for 10 minutes every hour and the main pool will be cleared.  However: adults 16 and over will be allowed to swim at their own risk. Anyone under 16 must move inside the roped area in the shallow end of the pool.

  • No glass containers in pool area

  • No running or rough–housing in pool, or pool area

  • No smoking, tobacco, or vaping in the pool area.

  • ​No food or beverages are to be consumed while in the water.

  • No offensive language

  • Children under 13 years of age using the pool must be accompanied by an adult 16 years or older

  • No animals are allowed inside pool’s fence area

  • Radios may be used provided no other party is bothered

  • Non-supervised adult lap swim will be 6:00 am to 11:00 am (6:00 am-9 am during swim team season) seven days a week. No lifeguard will be on duty and adults are cautioned to exercise with care-cramps are a real threat to the life of swimmers.

  • Anyone with an open wound, cold, cough, infection, rash or diarrhea should not enter the pool.

  • For safety reasons, no one shall play on the ropes or with the safety equipment.

  • All members and guests are requested to use the trash receptacles. 

  • Infants and toddlers are required to wear swim diapers. 

  • Proper swim wear is required in the pool.

  • No cut-off jeans or other street clothes are to be worn in pool.  This causes the pumps to wear out early.

  • No bikes, skates or skate boards are allowed in the pool area.

  • Any attire with offensive language or symbols is prohibited.

  • ​Any one observed to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol may be asked to leave.

  • ​No breath holding or prolonged periods underwater.

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