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Summary of Covenants and Rules

  • Lots in Spring Creek are for Single Family Residential Use; no occupation, profession, trade or other non-residential use is allowed.

  • No outbuildings or other structures are permitted on any lot.

  • Spring Creek has strict restrictions on additions or substantial property changes and must be approved by the Architectural Committee. Please submit specifications and plans for approval to the Spring Creek Architectural Committee, P.O. Box 14082, Springfield, MO 65814 or email This includes changes to buildings, fence, walls, residence or other structures on the lot including:

    • ​The exterior surface of patio court or single-family structure is not allowed to be painted or changed in any manner without approval; painting exterior brick surface will not be approved.

    • Roofing materials must be approved. Submitted request must include the Manufacturer, Brand, and Color of shingle 

      • All roofs shall have an exterior surface of cedar shakes or composition material. Notwithstanding this requirement, the Architectural Committee may approve, in its discretion, shingle roofs with all of the following product specifications: The Architectural Committee may approve shingle roofs with the following product specifications:

        1. No less than 350 lbs. per square shingle

        2. A shingle design that is consistent with a distinctive cedar shake look

        3. The existing cedar shake roof must be removed before the approved shingle roof is installed Below are the current shingles that meet the above criteria: CertainTeed Presidential TL, CertainTeed Presidential (ARlR), GAF Grand Canyon, GAF Grand Sequoia, Tamko Heritage Vintage, Certainteed Grand Manor, GAF Camelot (Not Camelot Il), DuraBuild Stone Coated Metal, IKO Armorshake. Please note that shingle manufacturers change names and specs often. It is your responsibility to request the latest revised version: September 30th 2019The Architectural Committee will consider shingles not on the list, provided:

          • The shingles carry a 50 year to life time guarantee

          • Warranted to wind speeds of 130 MPH or higher

          • Have an architectural appearance

    • Fences are not encouraged, but only properly constructed and installed fences may be approved for construction by the Architectural Committee; chain Link fences are not permitted, except for the tennis courts in the common Area. Privacy fences may not exceed forty-eight inches in height

  • Building, structure and fence must be kept in good condition and repair at all items and not allowed to fall into disrepair.

  • No antenna or other device for transmission or reception of electronic signals outdoors that is visible to street adjoining the front of the log unless approved by the Architectural Committee.  TV antennas are allowed as long as they are not visible and do not extend more than 6 feet above the roof. Modifications must be approved by the Architectural Committee.

  • No animals, fowl or livestock other than the reasonable number of house pets as domestic pets and not for commercial use will be allowed on any property. Such animals should not make an unreasonable amount of noise or become a nuisance. As well as no structure or pen for care, housing or confinement of any animal allowed.

  •  No trailers, incomplete building, tent, shack, garage and no temporary building or structure of any kind allowed on property for temporary occupancy.

  • No mobile/motor home, trailer of any kind, truck larger than ¾ ton, camper, boat, permanent tent, or similar structure allowed to be kept, placed, maintained or constructed, reconstructed, or repaired.

  • No motor vehicle allowed to be constructed, reconstructed, or repaired on any property or street in public or private that is visible from neighboring properties provided that does not apply to emergency vehicle repairs.

  • Motor Vehicles that are creating a loud or annoying noises or is deemed as a nuisance is prohibited.

  • Owners are responsible for keeping their lawns maintained, neatly trimmed, cultivated and free of trash, weeds and unsightly material.

  • No trash, debris or odors are permitted to accumulate or arise as to render any lot unsanitary, unsightly, offensive, or detrimental to neighboring lots and occupants nearby.

  • Garbage or Trash is not allowed to accumulate and must be kept in covered bins; no incinerators are allowed and no burning trash permitted.

  • Trash containers should not be visible from neighboring properties except to make available for trash collection for shortest amount of reasonable time necessary.

  • No exterior speakers, horns, whistles, bells or other sound devices except security devices used for security purposes are allowed to be located on the property.

  • Outside clothes lines or other outside facilities for drying or airing clothes is not allowed

  • No tree, shrub, planting is allowed to overhang or encroach on the sidewalk, street, pedestrian, way or other area from the ground level to height of 8 feet, without prior approval of the Architectural Committee.

  • No machinery or equipment of any kind is allowed to be placed, operated or maintained upon or adjacent to any lot.

  • No sign of any kind shall be displayed to the public view of any lot with exclusion of one sign advertising the property for sale or rent, signs used by a builder or advertise property during construction, one sign that contains the name of owners and dwelling unit number no larger than one square foot. Signs of such shape, size and location the Architectural Committee may approve displaying the name of any multi-family residence or structure, displaying a special event such, not limited to, a graduating senior, birthday celebration, estate sale, etc., signs of not more than 5 square feet, which are political in nature, may be displayed two weeks prior to election and removed the day following; one sign per candidate or item being voted on. 

  • No attached basketball goals to the front of any dwelling, or erected in any front yard or side of any street. Portable basketball goals are permitted but it is favorable that these portable goals be stored out of sight when not in use but will not be enforced.

  • Property owners are allowed to hold two garage sales a year that must coincide with the bi-annual neighborhood garage sale with exception that a homeowner is permitted to have one moving sale.

Please be advised that violations to the Covenants and Rules may result in the home owner in violation having to pay an assessment fee to cover the costs to remedy the violation. Those assessment fees will be treated the same as a special assessment fee and non-payment gives Spring Creek the legal right to cut off your trash service, remove your access to the pool and/or place a lien on your property which can result in additional fees to cover legal expenses.

If you have any questions or requests for substantial additions and modifications please submit to:

Spring Creek Architectural Committee

P.O. Box 14082

Springfield, MO 65814

DISCLAIMER: The above is a summary of the declaration of restrictions, covenants and conditions set forth by the Spring Creek Investors, Inc., a Missouri Corporation, as well as other Rules set forth by the Members of Board for the Spring Creek Property Owners Association and are subject to change by majority vote of the Board. Homeowners may be notified of changes through this website and/or on our private facebook page. You can request full certified copies of the original covenants and amendments that are on file from the Greene County Recorder office or can be downloaded from here.

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