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Basketball Courts

Spring Creek offers a beautiful setting for shooting hoops for its Residents.  Even in the heat of Summer, the grove of shade trees offer protection from the hot sun.

Guests are more than welcome to join please enjoy this great amenity.


Hours:  Closes at 10:00PM


Access: No code or card required. 

POA Manager: Terry Nigh 417-720-1352,


Court Rules

  • Common courtesy is the GOLDEN RULE of the basketball courts.

  • Please do not abuse the basketball goals. Do not hang on the rims and nets

  • Please remove all trash (cups, papers, ball cans, etc.) from the courts after play.

  • All players should refrain from offensive language and behavior.

  • Radios are not allowed on the courts.

  • The courts are not used for any purpose except basketball. No bikes, skateboards, rollerblades or any other sports equipment may be used on the courts.

  • Any member has the right and responsibility to question the use of the courts by anyone who is not a homeowner.

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