Trash Service

Included in annual dues.  Monday pick up (Tuesday pick up when a holiday falls on Monday.)



Pick up is every other Monday. Small recycle box is Included in annual dues.  Large recycle bins are also available at no charge.

HOA Dues

Dues are $470 and are due on or before January 31st.  If late, Spring Creek can take away trash service, pool entry, and place a lien on the property


Spring Creek has strict roofing covenants. You must receive approval on the roofing materials you choose.   The architectural committee will update roofing materials as needed.



Spring Creek has strict covenants on additions or substantial property changes.  Prior approval is required before significant changes such as fence additions, etc.  Please consult the included HOA covenants section for further information. Contact the architectural committee for approva.


important documents

Click the item below to download


Spring Creek is not approving outdoor storage buildings


Lifeguard is on duty daily from 11 AM - 9 PM

Lap swim:  adult homeowners have access to swim laps beginning at 6 am to 11 am (6 - 8 AM during swim team season)



Entry to pool requires a key card issued to the homeowner.  In the event that one sells their house, this key card can be transferrd to the new homeowner.  Only one key will be issued for free to each address.  If you plan on buying in Spring Creek, please ask the seller for the pool key.


Swim Team

Swim team starts  after Memorial Day and runs through July 15th.  The hours are daily from 8 AM to 11AM.  Spring Creek hosts 1 to 2 meets at home and are usually Thursday mornings from 8 AM - 1 PM.